Sephora Sale: My strategy to get the best deals

Sephora Sale: My strategy to get the best deals


Sephora Sale

Are you sick of hearing about the Shopbop sale? To be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it this year. There are just so many sales and triple points events happening at the same time. To be honest, I feel like every store is in a battle to get my money. My birthday is in a couple weeks and I could totally be in a tornado of shopping sprees because “it’s my birthday month” BUT I already bought myself some really nice, luxury items. I will do an unboxing here very soon (and on my youtube channel too.)

So let’s talk about the sale I actually give a sh*t about. The Sephora sale. It’s one of the only sales that I continuously participate in every year. It happens twice a year: April and October. The one in April is 15% off and the one in October is 20% off. I always stock up because otherwise, you are paying full price for the rest of the year.

This isn’t my first rodeo. I have made the Sephora trip to the stores many times over during the sale and I have also purchased via online from the comfort of my home. I have some major tips on how to make the best of your money and get the best deals during the Sephora sale.

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Sephora Sale Strategy: Give me all the makeup!

If you plan on hitting up the Sephora sale in stores (VIB Rouge members have early access) then bring a shopping list and buckle down. It’s easy to get distracted while shopping in stores and overspend. It also gets CRAZY packed with lots of customers. If you have a list ready to go you can ask a sales associate for help or you can brisk through the aisles with your pen and paper (or iPhone notes, duh).

I’m shopping online this year. Here’s why: coffee (or wine, depending on the time of day) and no lines. Also, there is way more inventory online. This is the main reason I will be clicking away on Sephora’s website at midnight. Most stores don’t carry nearly half of what is offered online. Plus, I am not a fan of dealing with lots of people and long lines.

My other strategy: I am adding all of my essentials to my cart first. I love to stock up on my favorite basics that I use daily. If my budget allows, then I will add some fun products that I want to try. It is SO EASY to go overboard on these sales. So start with your must-haves first like foundation, concealer, and powder and then move to more frivolous (but fun) products such as highlighters and eyeshadows.

Below, I am leaving you links to my ride or die products. These are the products I am 100% buying during the sale and that I can’t live without. What products can’t you live without? Leave me a comment below because I love to find new amazing makeup.

Use coupon code “YAYROUGE” (If you are a Rouge member) and shop early HERE.




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