Best wedding registry sites

Best wedding registry sites

Best wedding registry sites

So you are getting married? Congratulations! One of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process was building my wedding registry! I wish I could make a registry for Christmas gifts lol. Wouldn’t that be nice?! I had a great experience with my wedding registry and received so many beautiful items for my wedding.

There is really only ONE wedding registry I would recommend because it truly is the best wedding registry site. It is Zola and I love it! I used it for my wedding and had amazing results. The website has tons of inventory and you can add anything from ANY store to your registry. That’s honestly what I loved most! I didn’t like the idea of having multiple wedding registry’s and making things difficult for my guests. So let’s break down all the awesome things about this site.

Before I begin, I wanted to share my referral code with you! If you use my code (click this text) and you use Zola as your registry you will receive $50! How amazing is that?! You will receive the $50 once you or a guest purchases an item (totalling 50 dollars) off of your registry. I love that!

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Reasons why this is the best registry site

You can link anything from any store! What an amazing feature! Having one registry is just so much easier for you and your guests. To do this you click “add gifts” and then the option “add from another store.” You then put the link of the item from the other store and it will generate photos too! It’s really that easy.

Get cash. Yes honey, get yourself some cash. You can create a cash fund for your honeymoon, saving for a house, whatever your heart desires! To do this you click “add gifts” and then the option “add cash fund.” You get to name your fund and put in a description for your guests to tell them what this fund is for! Such a great way for your guests to participate in that special moment in your life like making a downpayment on your home or treating you to a gourmet meal on your honeymoon.

Pretend to get gifts, but really get cash. Do you have everything you want but just need money? Maybe you have old school family members that really want to get you plates or vases even though you already have a ton! Some individuals really look down on giving cash at weddings. Well, Zola has you covered. Remember in tip number one how I said you can link anything from any store? Well, when you do this you have the choice of redirecting your guest to the actual store the item came from OR Zola will let them check out via their store and GIVE YOU the cold hard CASH. This makes it easy for everyone 🙂

10% discount post-wedding. Once your wedding is over, you will get a 10% discount to be used at their store for one full year. The best part is that you can use this discount on anything and everything. Even if the item was never on your wedding registry you still get the discount. If your friends have weddings after you and use Zola then you can buy items off of their registry and save 10%! It’s awesome. I am still enjoying my discount because my wedding was 7 months ago.

Have I sold you yet? It really was one of the best things I did during my wedding. I loved that I could add things from their inventory and add things from other stores too. The cash funds were amazing too! Don’t forget to use my referral link so that you can get 50 bucks!!




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