8 tips to be more fashionable

8 tips to be more fashionable

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My top tips to be more fashionable

To some, being fashionable can be an incredibly daunting task. It may take you longer to get ready in the morning because you just don’t know what to wear. Maybe you purchase clothing and then leave the price tags and never wear the item. We have all been guilty of this. I have come up with 8 tips to be more fashionable and to help you love what you wear!

Invest in yourself. “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn” Orson WellesFashion is about having fun and wearing what you love. If you are confident in your style you will be confident in your every day life. Purchase clothing that makes you look good, feel good, and want to conquer the world.

Splurge on Accessories. Trends come and go. Don’t spend too much money on the latest pearl jeans or bell sleeve tops. Those will be in one season and out the next. Invest in handbags and shoes. I have three reasons for this. First of all, comfort is important for your health. Designer shoes tend to be made of much higher quality materials which correlate to comfort (disregard Louboutins LOL). Second, shoes and handbags can last a lifetime. Stick with colors that you wear a lot of and you will get a ton of wear (i.e. don’t buy a yellow handbag if you rarely wear yellow). Lastly, if you outgrow the style of that bag or those pumps then you can easily sell to consignment and get paid a lot of money. My favorite stores to do so are here and here.

Tips to be more fashionable

Avoid Prints. Stick with solid colors. Prints can only be worn so many times before you get sick of them or feel that everyone has seen you in the same thing over and over. I think that stripes, plaid, and leopard are “neutral prints” that have stood the test of time. I would base your wardrobe on 80% solid colors and no more than 20% prints.

Invest in Jewelry. I will admit, I am not a huge jewelry person. Therefore, I tend to purchase shoes and bags. With that said, jewelry is great to add to your Birthday or Christmas wishlist. That’s usually what I do 🙂 I prefer to have a handful of really nice pieces (loving David Yurman right now) then a bunch of faux jewelry. In my opinion, jewelry from places like Charming Charlie look cheap and it’s better to wear one nice piece than a bunch of low-quality pieces that will probably turn your skin green!

Dress “age appropriate”. Nothing screams tacky more than someone trying to dress a generation younger. It’s ok to dress trendy just dress for your body type and age.

Stay Current. Having a closet full of staple pieces is on the road to fashion success. To really be considered “fashionable” you need to mix some trends with your staples. It’s not necessary to try every trend but try a couple that speaks to you. Remember, don’t spend a ton of money on trendy clothes.

Tips to be more fashionable

Purge Closet. This is a great way to make money so that you can afford to try out some new clothing trends or add the staple piece you have been dying to get. I like to sell my clothes on poshmark, check out my closet here.

Avoid cheap thrills. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need to purchase! If it’s an item you have been lusting for some time and it went on sale then YES go for it! If it’s the first time you are seeing the item ask yourself “would I purchase this item if it was full price?” If no, really consider why you are buying the item. I always like to remind myself that this is money I can use towards an item on my wishlist.

I go into more details about these tips on my youtube video, which I posted below for your convenience. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel here. The outfit that I am wearing was talked about in a previous blog post found here.



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