I bought a home in Miami

I bought a home in Miami

I bought a home in Miami! If you have been following my blog you know that my husband and I moved from Tampa to Miami. I am originally from Miami so this was (essentially) my homecoming. I am so excited because we just moved into our new HOME!

My husband owned our home in Tampa (he bought it when we were dating) so this is his second time being a homeowner but my first! The buying process was little more complicated than I thought it would be but we found the most BEAUTIFUL place. We were between a house and a condo. Ultimately, we went for a condo because of the VIEWS!

It’s extremely spacious and it was really important to me that we found one with 3 bedrooms. One is the master, we turned one into an office, and the other is a guest room. If we ever have a child we will turn the guest room into a nursery 🙂

I am so exctied about our building because it’s so bougie lol. We have valet (YASSS!). We got so lucky because the previous owner of our unit recently remodeled the kitchen and floors. Oh my heavens, the entire condo has MARBLE floors. They are breathtaking. The previous owner used this place only as a vacation home so everything feels brand new.

I installed new light fixtures throughout the whole home and they are so lovely. I posted some of them on my instastories. I did a house tour of my tampa home. Would you be interested in a house tour of my new place? Leave a comment below!

Moving has been crazy and that’s why I have been behind on posting. Now that I am getting settled everything should be back on schedule. Thank you for being part of the glam fam! Check out more fashion posts here.




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