Ultimate Travel Guide to Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

Ultimate Travel Guide to Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

New Orleans Travel Guide

So you are planning a bachelorette party? I just recently came back from New Orleans and fell in love. I had the best time with my girlfriends. I already have future plans of returning- I had that much fun! I am no expert in New Orleans travel but I thought it would be useful to share what went right at my bachelorette and how to get the most out of your experience. 

Ultimate Travel Guide to Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

Hotel Accommodations

Where you stay is going to make a big impact on your overall experience. I highly suggest staying somewhere that easily accessible to night life, good cuisine, and fun shops. We stayed at The Ritz Carlton New Orleans- French Quarter. The hotel had this amazing outdoor garden that was perfect for champagne and appetizers. My girlfriends and I couldn’t get over the gorgeous view. What we loved most about the hotel was how close it was to Bourbon street, coffee shops and shopping. It made it easy to navigate a foreign city and we didn’t have to take many cabs (more money for yummy beignets). I have listed some of the highest rated hotels (4.5 starts above) from customers around the globe.

Ultimate Travel Guide to Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

Nola Southern Cuisine

I was in southern heaven in New Orleans. The food far exceeded my expectations. I was a little nervous because I am not the most adventurous eater and I am not the biggest fan of spicy cuisine. The fact that I loved almost everything I sunk my teeth into may be why my expectations were far exceeded. The coffee, the desserts, the eggs benedict- Oh my word! Out of this world. It’s been three months since traveling to New Orleans and I can’t have a single pleasant experience with eggs benedict in Florida because they don’t even come close to the experience I had in Nola. Oh Nola, you have forever changed my taste buds. The only downfall to New Orleans cuisine is the speed. You are on southern time and everything is a slow process. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some cocktails. Below is a list of the divine cuisine that my girls and I indulged.

  • Ruby Slipper: Stopped in for breakfast. Their biscuits with their special butter were “smack your mama” good.
  • Brennan’s: This was my favorite brunch (maybe of life). Let me tell you about my amazing meal. Started with the sparkling blueberry champagne cocktail. Indulged in avocado and burrata toast followed by “eggs owen” (red wine short rib, crispy fingerling potatoes, poached eggs, hollandaise, marchand de vin sauce) and topped it off with a group sharing of their famous banana fosters.
  • Antoine’s: This place had been around forever, it’s New Orlean’s oldest french-creole fine dining resturaunt. It is fancy (so bring your wallet). The service was impeccable. The wait staff was very accommodating and over the top. The food was my least favorite of the restaurants we went to (I had some sort of vanilla infused pasta) but was grateful for the experience.
  • Cafe Du Monde: This is a must. A New Orleans experience is not a true one without stopping by for their famous beignets. They are open 24 hours. We went in the wee hours of the morning after a night of drinking.
  • PJ’s Coffee: The obsession was real. My girlfriends and I were obsessed with this coffee shop. We went everyday. Their croissants were amazing and pair one with the praline and creme coffee (trust me, it’s to die for)

Ultimate Travel Guide to Bachelorette Party in New Orleans


What’s a bachelorette party without the drinking? A lot of your time will be spent in bars so let’s talk about the good ones. I couldn’t believe how many bars there were- they are everywhere! We had so much fun walking around Bourbon Street and just walking into different ones that seemed fun and interesting. There are tons of “clubs” and places to dance. If you want something a bit more sophisticated and less crazy check out Frenchman Street. There is a lot of live music at these bars and less of a “mardi gras atmosphere.” It required us to take a cab but it was fun to check out a different side of Nola. Below are some of New Orleans coolest bars.

  • Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop
  • Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge
  • French 75
  • Bar Tonique
  • Pat O’Brien’s
  • Cure
  • Boondock Saint
  • The Cats Meow

Ultimate Travel Guide to Bachelorette Party in New Orleans


If you aren’t too busy curing your hangover, I highly suggest checking out all of the fun things New Orleans has to offer. My absolute favorite thing we did was the ghost tour. It was fantastic! It’s probably not what you are thinking. It’s not a haunted house tour like in Disney World with people in costumes who pop out and scare you. It is a “walking tour” that lasts 2 hours (so wear comfy shoes) and your guide takes you in front of haunted historic buildings in the french quarter and tells you stories about each one. You do not enter the haunted buildings (only the haunted bar to get a drink!) Below are some really fun activities!

  • New Orleans haunted history tours
  • Museum of death
  • Garden district
  • The Shops at Canal Place
  • Ride the carousel in City Park

I hope you found this review helpful! Can’t wait to share my future travel endavours with you!





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    It looked you guys had a blast! Love the post!

  2. Lindsey
    August 14, 2017 / 2:55 pm

    I have wanted to go to New Orleans for the longest time! I’ll have to check out these spots!


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